Now or Never: Argentina vs. USA

Argentina v Panama: Group D - Copa America Centenario

A skip and hop away from the final! I never doubted Argentina would make it this far, as a matter of fact, I expect to see them in the final game.

The big surprise—yes, USA having a real possibility of being in the final as well. We all know anything can happen in futbol (handgoals). It is truly amazing, if you recall how the USA was not winning games. How many times did we question Jurgen Klinnsman? Now, I have been a fan of Klinnsman since he was in the German team, however, as a coach I wasn’t seeing him succeed. The US team will have 3 key men out of the game this time around, but Argentina has traveled the most during this tournament and has less time between quarter final and semi-final to rest. That is one big advantage that the US team can capitalize on.

On the other hand, Argentina, Argentina—one word, Messi. I am sure I’m not the only one who gets emotional when Messi scores. To see him triumph makes me happy. His effortless ability to score, dodge opponents, and nutmeg (even goalkeepers) is truly out of this world. When you take a look at the players starting and subbing for Argentina, you can literally have 2 great separate teams. It is an amazing team, whose net worth with all the players (example: Messi, Kun, Mascherano,Di Maria) is about $553,243,152. They are the most expensive team in this Copa America.

While I do love the US team, I have to admit that my heart goes to Argentina. I really want them to take it all! It’s a team that has touched victory at arm’s length, only to be pulled back. Tomorrow is the day to repeat their appearance at another final. Sold-out game, a chance for Messi to break the all time top scorer OR the US to make history in futbol. I expect a great game, hope I don’t bite all my nails.


Siete Zero


Half-time score Chile 2, Mexico 0
And thus the darkness began to fall for the Mexican team and all their fans at the Levi’s stadium.

Full-time score Chile 7, Mexico 0
Chile swept through a game without an opponent even attempting to stop them. After coming from 22 games without losses, this was probably the most awful way to break that cycle. Who’s at fault? While the coach is the one who should take the blame, strategy, changes, etc. Players are also to blame. These are the games players need to step up, like Chicharito. No passion on this game. I do not think adding Rafa Marquez would have prevented a loss, maybe less damage (5-0). Some are arguing that Chile isn’t the great team. I beg to differ. They know what to do- win. I truly believe Mexico let their guard down, blown up confidence. Fans were pumped up,  even Fox Sports’ Rachel Bonetta thought Mexico would win 3-1. My response, are you serious? After seeing Mexico have a draw 1-1 with Venezuela, Mexico was unlikely to win under the 90 minutes. Osorio didn’t even have their players practice penalties.

Putting their feet on the ground is the first step to a recovery.

Copa America Centenario: Why the US?


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about the US hosting the special edition of Copa America 2016. This unusual fusion of CONBEMOL and CONCACAF has led to a lot of speculation and well let’s be honest, was this necessary?

If we go back a few months, with so much corruption, scandal and fraud, one can really speculate on who was really behind this idea. CONBEMOL has presented itself as a victim to all this and seeks to recover funds that it lost. Regardless, officials continued with the tournament and here we are…..

USA was the top choice, the infrastructure, stadiums, people, and most important- money- were already here. While some might argue that the US is not a country where futbol is number 1, events like this only continue to foster the growth. Since World Cup 1994, we have seen the increase of enthusiasm and fan involvement. Let us not go further than World Cup 2010 final, where an estimated 24.3 million viewers were tuning in. Now we hear the “USA, USA, USA” chants across stadiums.

While this Copa Centenario definitely broke the mold, as a futbol fan I am delighted to have world-class players like Messi and Mascherano here!

Now let’s just enjoy the games and see who takes this trophy home.


A Relationship


I give the sport- futbol, soccer, or football- my full attention and in return I get a range of emotions. These emotions not always being of happiness, at times they fill me with disappointment or anger.

I was only 9-10 years old when I watched my first World Cup on tv. Italy 1990 replaced the time meant for Summer cartoons and activities. I got hooked. I loved the rhythm, intensity and the emotions the game created. I remember cutting newspapers and collecting the player cards. Who can forget Caniggia or Toto Schillaci! I remember feeling terribly sad when Argentina lost. Why though, I’m not Argentinian? This is the beauty of this sport. It’s a feeling that overcomes whatever nationality you are from.

26 years later and I’m still in love with this relationship.

Share My Passion

This is the post excerpt.

Let’s define my passion: futbol, soccer, football or calcio. Call it the name you prefer.We all know what we are talking about.

Now close your eyes and envision a bright, green field. See the half-way line, the penalty box, both goal boxes? This is the spot where millions of people worldwide wait to see their favorite player or team win against all odds. This can also be the beginning of great dreams and aspirations.

Here I’ll be posting my reactions and thoughts about games. I won’t be copying and pasting long informative narratives because that’ll bore all of us.

You share my same passion? Then welcome—let’s talk about it.