Now or Never: Argentina vs. USA

Argentina v Panama: Group D - Copa America Centenario

A skip and hop away from the final! I never doubted Argentina would make it this far, as a matter of fact, I expect to see them in the final game.

The big surprise—yes, USA having a real possibility of being in the final as well. We all know anything can happen in futbol (handgoals). It is truly amazing, if you recall how the USA was not winning games. How many times did we question Jurgen Klinnsman? Now, I have been a fan of Klinnsman since he was in the German team, however, as a coach I wasn’t seeing him succeed. The US team will have 3 key men out of the game this time around, but Argentina has traveled the most during this tournament and has less time between quarter final and semi-final to rest. That is one big advantage that the US team can capitalize on.

On the other hand, Argentina, Argentina—one word, Messi. I am sure I’m not the only one who gets emotional when Messi scores. To see him triumph makes me happy. His effortless ability to score, dodge opponents, and nutmeg (even goalkeepers) is truly out of this world. When you take a look at the players starting and subbing for Argentina, you can literally have 2 great separate teams. It is an amazing team, whose net worth with all the players (example: Messi, Kun, Mascherano,Di Maria) is about $553,243,152. They are the most expensive team in this Copa America.

While I do love the US team, I have to admit that my heart goes to Argentina. I really want them to take it all! It’s a team that has touched victory at arm’s length, only to be pulled back. Tomorrow is the day to repeat their appearance at another final. Sold-out game, a chance for Messi to break the all time top scorer OR the US to make history in futbol. I expect a great game, hope I don’t bite all my nails.


Author: Futbol*Diva

Following the sport that moves countries.

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