Siete Zero


Half-time score Chile 2, Mexico 0
And thus the darkness began to fall for the Mexican team and all their fans at the Levi’s stadium.

Full-time score Chile 7, Mexico 0
Chile swept through a game without an opponent even attempting to stop them. After coming from 22 games without losses, this was probably the most awful way to break that cycle. Who’s at fault? While the coach is the one who should take the blame, strategy, changes, etc. Players are also to blame. These are the games players need to step up, like Chicharito. No passion on this game. I do not think adding Rafa Marquez would have prevented a loss, maybe less damage (5-0). Some are arguing that Chile isn’t the great team. I beg to differ. They know what to do- win. I truly believe Mexico let their guard down, blown up confidence. Fans were pumped up,  even Fox Sports’ Rachel Bonetta thought Mexico would win 3-1. My response, are you serious? After seeing Mexico have a draw 1-1 with Venezuela, Mexico was unlikely to win under the 90 minutes. Osorio didn’t even have their players practice penalties.

Putting their feet on the ground is the first step to a recovery.


Author: Futbol*Diva

Following the sport that moves countries.

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