Copa America Centenario: Why the US?


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about the US hosting the special edition of Copa America 2016. This unusual fusion of CONBEMOL and CONCACAF has led to a lot of speculation and well let’s be honest, was this necessary?

If we go back a few months, with so much corruption, scandal and fraud, one can really speculate on who was really behind this idea. CONBEMOL has presented itself as a victim to all this and seeks to recover funds that it lost. Regardless, officials continued with the tournament and here we are…..

USA was the top choice, the infrastructure, stadiums, people, and most important- money- were already here. While some might argue that the US is not a country where futbol is number 1, events like this only continue to foster the growth. Since World Cup 1994, we have seen the increase of enthusiasm and fan involvement. Let us not go further than World Cup 2010 final, where an estimated 24.3 million viewers were tuning in. Now we hear the “USA, USA, USA” chants across stadiums.

While this Copa Centenario definitely broke the mold, as a futbol fan I am delighted to have world-class players like Messi and Mascherano here!

Now let’s just enjoy the games and see who takes this trophy home.



Author: Futbol*Diva

Following the sport that moves countries.

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